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  1. Zoltan Bathory s 10 essential guitar albums Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force

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    del: Thu, 12 Jun 2014 19:01:07 +0200
    This was the album that made me say Holy shit How is that even possible ··· it floored me I listened to Rising Force and all I could think was Oh my God I ve got to practice To this day I
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  2. John Lennon sul mercato Yoko Ono autorizza l uso di immagini e disegni

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    del: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 20:20:51 +0200
    Annunciato da poco un accordo con Grace Slick e con l ex manager Bill Thompson per una

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  3. Rarit successi ieri sera a Londra i Cure hanno proposto 45 canzoni

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    del: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 17:40:49 +0100
    Un tour de force quasi springsteeniano per i Cure ieri sera a Londra la veterana band britanica al primo appuntamento live del 2014 e a sei
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  4. Interview with Maestro Giacomo Parimbelli

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    del: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 04:20:16 +0200
    Dear Maestro shall we take stock of thesituation I knewyou as a writer then a ··· What are you doing They are trying to force us musicians to avoid the SIAE to be paid with no tassex services to ring the bells
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  5. Il primo maggio di Chieti Scalo Marlene Kuntz in concerto

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    del: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 12:30:29 +0200
    Marlene Kuntz a Chieti Scalo per il concerto del Primo Maggio La band culto ··· musicale organizzato dalla Music Force e dal Comune di Chieti Assessorato alle Politiche giovanili Cos come promesso l
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  6. 11 Slipknot stories you won t believe are true

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    With Slipknot the truth has always been far weirded than fiction And that s ··· In come two local musical madmen and force him to join their band Voila wheels in motion 11 Clown ate a poo on stageThe
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  7. Ricky Martin e Vida per i mondiali 2014 VIDEO

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    stato appena pubblicato il nuovissimo singolo di Ricky Martin Vida in ··· troppe le hit che dovrebbero colorare le partite delle 32 squadre pi forti del mondo nel nuovo campionato che avr inizio a
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  8. Trivium Nick Augusto no longer part of the band

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    Trivium have just announced via their Facebook page that Nick Augusto no longer ··· incredible drummer and as an immense force and presence on stage The last show together at Carolina Rebellion was a powerful one
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  9. Whiskey Hangover Godsmack 10 Best drinking songs

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    Released in 2009 to promote their tour with Motley Crue Whiskey Hangover ··· successful hits A heavy amount of force and aggression helps propel the song along with a haunting bass line Meanwhile lead ··· voice varies from hushed tones to forceful screams Most people would prefer a bloody mary or some aspirin to cure them but for
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  10. Behemoth jailed in Russia

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    Behemoth have been jailed in Russia during their tour Frontman Nergal says ··· Embassy they threatened us with force They took us in a bus in the company of about 10 officers to the Federal Migration
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  11. Of Mice amp Men s Austin Carlile interviewed by Fanpass at Rock on the Range

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    Fanpass interviewed at Rock on the Range Austin Carlile Of Mice Men frontman ··· Manansala stated about the Restoring Force album title The whole album is about restoring the equilibrium of rock music We ··· about restoring rock music and the force that it has This album we recorded while we weren t on tour The Flood was mostly
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  12. Moreno tour in autunno ospiti Annalisa J Ax e Deborah Iurato

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    Amici finito The Voice anche I talent show lasciano spazio agli show ai ··· in poi riprenderanno copiosamente a colorare le piazze e gli anfiteatri Moreno Donadoni dopo aver bissato seppur
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