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  1. All is Lost la recensione del film con Robert Redford

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    del: Fri, 07 Feb 2014 16:10:49 +0100
    Presentato nella sezione Festa Mobile del Torino Film Festival 2013 All is Lost ··· con il suo yacht Ecco la nostra recensione
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  2. Pragmatic UX Techniques For Smarter Websites

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    del: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 13:20:37 +0100
    What is user experience design exactly Should you not start it unless you are ··· dedicated or should you embrace it in the process as soon as possible Are all designers also user experience designers or is it ··· or is it a separate expertise The debate is as old as the discipline itself and while picking up a bucket of popcorn sitting ··· of p
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  3. Part 2 Mojo Motors rsquo Responsive Redesign With Fireworks Visual Design Stage

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    del: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 18:40:14 +0100
    In the previous article in this series I discussed our ideation and initial ··· and ways to share designs In this article we ll share how we used Adobe Fireworks in our iterative visual design process ··· visual design process along with other useful tips Why Adobe Fireworks Before diving into details let s acknowledge that ··· frozen in May
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  4. Django Unchained ecco il provino di Tyrese Gibson

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    del: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 18:20:32 +0100
    Tyrese Gibson ha provato a ottenere il ruolo di Django nella pellicola del 2012 ··· ruolo poi toccato a Jamie Foxx The Amazing Spider Man 2 Potete ammirare il suo provino qui di seguito Your browser does ··· not support inline frames or is This is a content summary only Visit my website for full links other content and more
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  5. MongoDB and arbitrary key names Derick Rethans

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    del: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 11:40:49 +0100
    MongoDB and arbitrary key names London UK Tuesday ··· 09 41 GMT I hang out on the MongoDB IRC channel Freenode mongodb quite a bit and an often recurring question is ··· storing values as keys One of the examples is storing timed data points like this person derickr ··· 20140
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  6. Anthrax Scott Ian asks for money to make a DVD

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    Scott Ian has asked fans to help him financially to produce a DVD of his last ··· DVD of his last tour The fact is this there is the idea which was launched during a recent show in Glasgow to put together a ··· to put together a DVD package The problem is that it takes money to do it Then comes the campaign Pledge Campaign Scott in ··· actually t
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  7. L ultimo concerto di Bob Marley nel 2011

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    Uprising Live Forever stato registrato al Teatro Stanley a Pittsburgh il ··· Woman No Cry e Jammin Is This Love La musica di Bob ha sempre trasmesso un messaggio di speranza di unit e
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  8. A Modern Designer rsquo s Canvas

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    When I gave this talk a title I called it A Modern Designer s Canvas ··· originally I was going to talk about the tools and processes that I use when I m designing But being a good designer or ··· how to use tools It s also about the way we approach what we do and our attitude towards it I m going to talk about four ··· that can help
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  9. For whom should you vote Anna Filina

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    No I won t tell you who is the better candidate in the upcoming Quebec ··· able to reduce your expenses while at the same time buying a new car and a perfect house If you had the choice to do that by ··· everything on a credit card and then leave the bill for your kids would you do it Running a household is not so easy You make ··· a whole provin
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  10. Video Black Metal Babysitting

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    There are no more babysitting than once Maybe At least according to the video ··· likes to introduce more people to the genre as possible and certainly no exception even the category of children But the ··· But the question is this can the black metal teach something to children I do not know but it sure can make do some good laugh...
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    Chi canta prega due volte ecco che cosa ci risponde Mariangela Ungaro la ··· Stardustgroup e membro della squadra The Bridal Day Ciao Mariangela quanto importante la musica in un matrimonio La ··· musical talent a passion dedicated to the weddings Once we made an event on the water We were all at the wedding of a ··· the wedding
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  12. Programmatically identifying and isolating functions inside executables like IDA does

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    Even though it s one of the tools I use on a daily basis Hex Rays IDA always ··· fascinates me for its completeness and the huge amount of informations it is able to extract using just a simple static analysis ··· and being myself a make yourself the tools you need guy a couple of weeks ago I ve started to study it trying to understand its ··· and
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