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  1. Foo Fighters is this the artwork of the new album

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    del: Fri, 08 Aug 2014 18:50:37 +0200
    A few days ago appeared on the web the image you see below entitled The cover ··· Foo Fighters record Suggesting that this is one of the advances that await us in the coming days
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  2. How Do You Design Interaction

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    del: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 23:20:58 +0200
    If you have to design an interface it s almost obvious to think to begin the ··· begin the process by drawing But is this the best way I once casually started by writing an imagined human computer conversation ··· afterwards I continued by drawing This changed my way of thinking and I never went back to drawing first This article will ··· I have a
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  3. Un viaggio lungo tre anni

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    del: Sat, 09 Aug 2014 11:00:20 +0200
    foto droidicusUn viaggio lungo come questo non lo abbiamo mai fatto Dura da ··· canzone di Bob Marley ad esempio Is this love is this love is this loveis this love that I m feelingQuelle parole si
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  4. Review of Perpetual Frontier The Properties of Free Music by Joe Morris Riti Publishing 2012

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    del: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 22:50:34 +0200
    One of the most interesting book I have read this year this work written by Joe ··· free jazz free improvisation and the ethnic music If I shall make a comparison this book can stand comfortably alongside the ··· comfortably alongside the volumes of the Arcana series published by John Zorn and the fundamental Improvisation Its Nature and ··· and Pr
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  5. PHP 5 4 looking back PHP 10 0 Blog

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    del: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 02:10:48 +0200
    With 5 6 0 having been released and 5 4 branch nearing its well earned ··· status I decided to try and revive this blog As the last post before the long hiatus was about the release of the 5 4 I think it ··· is working great git makes all the processes tick and we have scheduled releases working CI setup and much better predictability ··· just set
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  6. Tips on Speaking Ross Tuck

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    Earlier this evening I was a guest on NoCapes a new web series about sharing ··· and encouraging folks to engage in the PHP community It s a great initiative you should check it out There s also a video ··· interview up as well But as we begin The Autumn of a Thousand Conferences I thought I d follow up by taking a moment and ··· I only b
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  7. Composer amp virtual packages Peter Petermann

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    Composer virtual packages Composer has been a blessing for the PHP community ··· can do i for certain every now and then learn something new A few days ago i stumbled over a virtual package on ··· not so well documented So what is this about Virtual packages allow you to have a more loose dependency Rather than depending ··· fulfilled b
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  8. Interactive PHP Debugging with PsySH SitePoint PHP

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    It s 1 00 a m the deadline for your web application s delivery is in 8 ··· and die everywhere to see where the bug is You are annoyed Every time you want to try out a return value or variable ··· execute your application and see the results In the end you are unsure of whether or not you ve removed all those ··· ve removed all
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  9. Metallica s Lars Ulrich Never set out to please the fans

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    Metallica s Lars Ulrich says never set out to please the fans and it s ··· working on new material Ulrich says The band continues to challenge themselves without limits He tells to Billboard ··· career absolutes don t play a role The minute we have a conversation about what does the fan want we stop ourselves because ··· If you put 20 Metall
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  10. Team Of The FIFA 15

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    Abstract Now it is time back to FIFA 14 ··· and looking forward to FIFA 15 since the World Cup 2014 Brazil had come to an end FUT 15 Coins Now it is time ··· and looking forward to FIFA 15 since the World Cup 2014 Brazil had come to an end FUT assembles the best players from ··· and club compe
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  11. She had heard about ghd

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    Abstract She had heard about ghd ··· ghd In the 1920s the hilly Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park was known as the home of silent film But that ··· of silent film But that was before the film industry moved to nearby Hollywood and white flight forever changed the face of ··· Park
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  12. Nike Roshe Run Gym Red

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    Abstract Nike Roshe Run Cheap Nike ··· Toting on Nike s What the phenomena is this new Nike What all the Roshe Custom which is composed of six ··· six different prints from a portion of the model s most popular creations leggi tutto
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