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  1. Is this the world s worst robber Crook tries to hide face with BIN BAG

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    del: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:34:37 +0100
    A LESS than crafty crook tried to disguise himself by putting a BIN BAG over his ··· he couldn rsquo t see Source Is this the
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  2. VIDEO Is this the craziest ski run ever

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    del: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 17:51:25 +0100
    We can rsquo t decide whether Cody Townsend rsquo s descent through a vertical ··· Mountains is crazy or cool But either way it rsquo s unmissable Source VIDEO Is this the craziest
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  3. Dropbox starts using POST and why this is poor API design Evert Pot

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    del: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 02:40:05 +0100
    Today Dropbox announced in a blogpost titled Limitations of the GET method in ··· POST requests for APIs that would otherwise only be accessible using GET It s an interesting post and addresses a common ··· cumbersome for a number of reasons There s a limitation to the amount of data you can send Somewhere between 2KB and 8KB ··· of how you can d
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  4. Who is the Islamic State mystery woman

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    del: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 05:34:00 +0100
    SHE was captured 10 days ago in Lebanon travelling with a child and a fake ID ··· a fake ID So is this mystery woman the wife of the Islamic State rsquo s leader or someone
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  5. Mercedes Benz C Class BMW 3 Series Audi A4 Lexus IS

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    del: Sat, 16 May 2015 22:06:35 +0200
    Mercedes Benz C Class BMW 3 Series Audi A4 Lexus IS This entry was posted ··· Lexus IS Mercedes wins 2014 car of the year award Reported by Customs Today Report January 19 2015 LONDON Getting a bunch ··· to agree about Click here to read the full article 5 Like Save Share Tweet this Share to Facebook Pin It Tags Categories ··· B
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  6. Il VIDEO on board del naufragio di Team Vesta Wind alla VOR

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    I tre uomini di guardia sulla sinistra si allertano qualcuno dice What is ··· la barca che si ferma sulle rocce There is a big rock here guys there is a rock Sono le straordinarie immagini in
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  7. Be a Christmas cracker with our top 10 festive knits

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    IT S that time again Christmas Jumper Day 2014 is this Friday with celebs ··· Kate Thornton already kitted out in their festive knits Source Be a Christmas
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  8. Hotel guest slapped with 450 wi fi bill

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    IMAGINE this guest s shock when she was served a whopping wi fi bill for just one night Is this the most expensive hotel internet service Source Hotel guest slapped with 450
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  9. The Hexagonal Architecture training tour Matthias Noback

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    An ever recurring pattern in my life is this one I stumble upon some ··· fascinating concept etc Slowly over the next couple of weeks my brain realises that yes this is some very interesting stuff ··· maybe even writing a book about it This time it was domain driven design DDD command query responsibility segregation CQRS ··· existing li
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  10. New York Appunti dal mondo a km zero

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    Is this happening mi chiedevo lsquo Sta succedendo davvero rsquo E rsquo stato devastante
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  11. Testing your composer dependencies with prefer lowest Evert Pot

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    A few days ago a new feature landed in composer the prefer lowest argument ··· will attempt to always install the latest possible version For instance if your composer json looks like this require ··· vendor package 1 2 1 Then you are telling composer effectively that it should install any version after 1 2 1 ··· b
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  12. Cambiamento climatico come lo vedono gli scienziati

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    Da ldquo Is this how you feel rdquo Traduzione di MR Quelle che seguono sono le parole di veri scienziati I ricercatori che capiscono il cambiamento climatico Professor Peter B deMenocal Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Universit
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