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  1. Sam Smith batte i Coldplay lui il nuovo Re delle classifiche VIDEO

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    In Italia vale il detto uno su mille ce la fa Parliamo di artisti band ··· per il mercato concerti inclusi All estero va cos Continua a leggere
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  2. Iron Maiden full live video of the show at Rock Am Ring 2014

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    Below the live video of the show held by Iron Maiden June 5 2014 at the Rock Am ··· the setlist 01 Moonchild02 Can I Play With Madness03 The Prisoner04 2 Minutes To Midnight05 Revelations06 The Trooper07
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  3. ALESSANDRA AMOROSO Amore Puro Tour presto in tv

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    Gli appassionati di Alessandra Amoroso che non hanno ancora avuto la possibilit ··· serbo una sorpresa per loro La rete Mediaset trasmetter infatti il concerto della vincitrice dell ottava edizione di Amici di ··· edizione di Amici di Maria De Filippi come annunciano gli spot gi
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  4. Michael Wilton We want to rebuild the name Queensryche

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    Rock Show Critique interviewed guitarist of Queensryche Michael Wilton Some ··· a court battle it can be trying It s all about just moving forward We re one step closer to where we want to be It s a bit ··· able to bring that to the world basically and there are so many fans that love the first five six albums It s great to play ··· it also me
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  5. Interview with Jonas L ffler by Andrea Aguzzi first part

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    The first question is always the classic one how does it start your love and ··· for guitar and what instruments do you play or have you played I started playing the guitar at a quite young age with six ··· I was pretty determined to play just this instrument there was simply nothing else in question for me This determination stayed ··· piano i
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  6. Zoltan Bathory s 10 essential guitar albums Shotgun Messiah Violent New Breed

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    I never really liked the band and I can t say that I ve listened to this ··· he was one of those guys who could play anything with real authority The band were kind of glam metal on the first two ··· was more industrial And the guitar playing was just balls out The tone the licks the solos everything you could want ··· I wasn t
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  7. Zoltan Bathory s 10 essential guitar albums Rammstein Sehnsucht

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    The actual guitar work is something that might not stick out as being ··· But there is a lot of intense rhythm playing and it s pure heavy metal with tons of attitude The marching style the beats ··· guitar rhythms just power through it all you feel like you re driving a tank when you listen to it It gets you pumped up to ··· It gets yo
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  8. Zoltan Bathory s 10 essential guitar albums Accept Metal Heart

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    Wolf Hoffmann is one of my favorite guitarists To this day I marvel at what a ··· that flashy but he was very tasty He played with a kind of thoughtfulness and precision he didn t just go off and play ··· I was a little kid I heard Wolf s playing and it really meant a lot to me and as I discovered more and more hard rock and
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  9. Interview with Jonas L ffler by Andrea Aguzzi second part

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    If you had to choose who is your favorite composer to play Maybe Johann ··· Sebastian Bach Even if that sounds all too easy I have sometimes the feeling that in our times music s history flows ··· before and after past and future become interchangeable elements shall this be a risk of a uniform vision for an interpreter and ··· uniformity of a
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  10. Inizia l avventura discografica dei VOYEUR con BURY ME

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    Qualche settimana fa i Voyeur band bergamasca capitanata da Andrea Nava ··· che tentano la carta del mercato estero per affermare la loro
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  11. Let s Go Bass Amp Shopping

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    Let s Go Bass Amp ShoppingMy first bass amplifier cost me about two bucks With ··· kid 13 years old observing occasionally playing but dreaming more than anything else Thankfully my lawn mowing eventually ··· I needed more power and more gear to play out I went completely overboard and bought a Peavey Mark IV head and a pair of 2x15 ··· time so
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  12. Nuovo talent su Canale 5 Tu si que vales

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    Arriva su Canale 5 Tu si que vales il nuovo programma che prende il posto ··· Simona Ventura sulla rete ammiraglia Mediaset si pensa a qualcosa di nuovo o meglio di copiato Ebbene si perch il sostituto
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