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  1. 9 famous album sleeves 20 years later

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    All of these albums are 20 years old this year We thought what better way to play tribute to them than revisiting each album cover and seeing what they d look like if they were redrawn today Below the album cover
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  2. Interview with Duo Resonances Fr d rique Luzy and Pierre Bibault second part

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    What does improvisation mean for your music research Do you think it s ··· is different so in a certain way you play differently Pierre Improvisation has had a very important place in the classical music ··· place in the classical music especially during the Baroque period In the 20thcentury it has known a real revival with jazz or ··· music on
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  3. AC DC they retreat

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    A radio station reported that the Australian tour of the fortieth anniversary of ··· could jump and that the band could not play more live and not record any more albums The band has not yet confirmed or commented
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  4. AC DC Malcolm Young suffered a stroke

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    AC DC they would be announcing the dissolution due to poor health conditions ··· have realized to no longer be able to play the levels necessary to be able to continue with the band We are waiting for official
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  5. Slipknot Roy Mayorga replaces Joey Jordison

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    A few days ago we talked about the rumors of who will take the place of drummer ··· drummer of Against Me who has also played with Bruce Springsteen replacing his father Max Weinberg due to an illness According ··· where for who don t know also play Corey Taylor and Jim Root of Slipknot The reason is very simple Roy is already in tune
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  6. Korn the memory of Munky and Head for the late guitarist

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    A few days ago the news of the death of the former Korn guitarist Shane Gibson ··· He was a great guitarist We will play together in the next life Brian Head Welch Shane Gibson you ve been a great
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  7. Interview with Duo Resonances Fr d rique Luzy and Pierre Bibault fourth part

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    What are your five favorite scores Pierre The same here I could have many more ··· Scarlatti With who would you like to play Fr d rique With who I d like to play Wow that s my secret You will see in the ··· say is that he or she is not a guitar player Pierre I m very happy to play with Fr d rique who is a true artist and musician ···
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  8. The Metal Wedding more beautiful ever

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    We have always known the metalhead is really a sentimentalist Many of the ··· what they thought two newlyweds To play during the ceremony Jordan Strauss guitar teacher decided to play with his wife Andrea
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  9. Interview with GuitArtistas guitar Quartet by Giuseppe Chiaramonte

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    Giuseppe Chiaramonte The beginning of guitArtistas You are from Austria Czech ··· you meet and where did you start to play together Who is among you let s say the founder of the quartet Who said the ··· Who said the first time let s play together GuitArtistas guitar QuartetThree of us got to know each other at the ··· and pe
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  10. Frankie Knuckles lettera di Barack Obama La sua musica univa le persone

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    Viva l Italia di base Tuttavia fa riflettere a volte la maggiore attenzione che all estero le istituzioni dimostrano di avere verso gli artisti di casa loro Quelli che hanno lasciato un segno in quella cultura e poi passati a miglior vita Succede Continua a leggere
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    Direttamente dal programma Mediaset arriva al IENA piu amata dal pubblico ANGELO DURO Gia famoso per aver molestato tutti i VIP italiani con il
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  12. La Calabria e la sua musica al Concerto del 1 maggio Taranproject live

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    Sono sempre di pi gli artisti italiani che grazie alle sinergie con le ··· a costruire un proprio percorso anche all estero i TARANPROJECT il pi importante gruppo di musica popolare calabrese guidato ··· popolare calabrese guidato da Mimmo Cavallaro e Cosimo Papandrea che per il secondo anno consecutivo sar tra i protagonisti del
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