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  1. Renga e la nuova applicazione di Tempo Reale

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    Francesco Renga rende tecnologico il suo Tempo Reale grazie ad un ··· gratuito su App Store e Google Play Store Con essa tutto prender Un prodotto di Box Musica
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  2. Godsmack Vs Motley Crue the revenge of Nikki Sixx

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    Motley Crue s bassist Nikki Sixx during his radio show Sixx Sense With Nikki ··· the U S festivals if they had also played Godsmack In 2009 Sixx during a tour with both bands had a heated argument with the ··· they told me that Godsmack wanted to play our own show because they have an album coming out I replied But you forgot who
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  3. Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 10 scariest metal album covers

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    Being afraid of the dark is one of the most common human fears and for good ··· and nighttime predators Iron Maiden play on this fear with one of their most disturbing renditions of Eddie Fear of the Dark
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  4. Chimera Mayhem 10 scariest metal album covers

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    This image might be grainy and lacking detail but the subtlety is highly ··· s Chimera and the artwork are equally chilling giving off the feeling of uncertainty They both play into each other well
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  5. 10 scariest metal album covers

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    Album artwork is a sacred thing in heavy metal Bands make sure that the album ··· of fear and terror This imagery can play on a multitude of themes like fantasy horror real life situations and emotions click
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  6. Masterclass Arturo Tallini al Campus delle Arti 2014

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    Arturo Tallini al Campus delle Arti 201428 Luglio 3 AgostoUna masterclass che ··· contiene un concorsoDal 2012 Arturo Tallini ha iniziato a Tuscania la collaborazione con il Campus delle Arti Nel 2014 la ··· sposta a Bassano del Grappa animata dallo stessa atmosfera gioiosa unita ad un alto livello professionale che deriva da un ··· delle Arti p
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  7. Avenged Sevenfold a fan plays lead guitar during Unholy Confessions in Hershey PA

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    Avenged Sevenfold picked a fan out of the crowd to play lead guitar during Unholy Confessions in Hershey PA Below the video
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  8. Whitesnake Doug Aldrich leaves the band

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    Doug Aldrich after 11 years of career with Whitesnake guitarist decided to ··· will be as soon as possible but it all happened so quickly that we are not ready First I thank my big brother David for the ··· amazing for me and it was an honor to play with the band for you I love you guys and we ll see you again Thank you so much to ··· I want to d
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  9. Ozzy Osbourne No the rock will never die

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    Ozzy Osbourne has not the slightest idea of what the new bands that do rock but ··· but as his Black Sabbath he actually invented the heavy really does not matter The Madman has granted a rare interview to ··· in the course of next summer will play Hyde Park in London Ozzy said The first time we played in London one of the first ··· where
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  10. Rob Zombie plays the Kiss classic God Of Thunder with Peter Criss

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    Below you see the video of Rob Zombie joined on stage by original drummer of ··· the ceremony of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and I have not seen my favorite drummer behind the fucking battery So tonight is
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  11. Kiss Best band logos

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    Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley first drew up the band s ubiquitous logo on ··· club the masked group was scheduled to play early in their career Frehley s plan was to make the SS look like lightning ··· s exactly how it came out Unintentionally the letters also bear a resemblance to the logo employed by the German Nazi era ··· or SS
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  12. Drummers They have the most evolved brain science proves it

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    Science prove the existence of innate problem solving skills that reside in the ··· regular rhythm and cadence may actually be more intelligent than their bandmates less focused on rhythm and time The study ··· the ability of the drummer can actually be transferred to the beat to other people In essence exposure to regular rhythms ··· of the
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