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  1. NS Ned Steinberger Design CR5 Radius Review

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    del: Sun, 03 Nov 2013 23:00:06 +0100
    The 80s were an interesting time for instrument builders because many players ··· CR5 Radius 5 string bass This Czech Republic made instrument is the production version of Steinberger s innovative U S built ··· with a more approachable price tag Czech This Out The test model arrived in a form fitting gig bag and from first sight and ··· of
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  2. Conferences Round Up Upcoming Web Design Events Jan 2014 ndash Jun 2014

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    2013 has come and gone delighting us with a plethora of inspirational ··· London returns for a 2nd time to Old Street London An affordable single dayer with an awesome line up of speakers Kicking off ··· When Apr 4 5 2014 Where Prague Czech Republic UX Salon 2014 UX Salon mission is to bring you the most updated ··· When May 16 2014
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  3. Spector Coda Pro Bass Review

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    Spector Coda Pro Bass ReviewSince setting up shop in 1975 master luthier Stuart ··· Jr active tone circuit Made in the Czech Republic the TonePump Jr has volume controls for each pickup allowing for plenty of ··· Ease of Use Build Design Value Street 849Companyspectorbass comI tested the Coda Pro through a Gallien Krueger 800RB powering a
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